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Do you need a home inspection? As a certified contractor in both construction and roofing, we can help you conduct a state inspection to expedite the approval of your home project.

We understand that many people have negative feelings about home inspections. However, our main priority is not only to ensure that your home is compliant with city and state codes, but we are also committed to protecting your major investment (your home) and keeping you safe.

During our inspection, we will document our findings in a written report with photos of your home. In addition, we will complete your insurance carriers’ form for you, or we will provide your carrier with our own form that’s accepted by most carriers in the state of Florida.

Upon your request for a home inspection, we will conduct what is known as a “Four-Point Inspection”. A Four-Point Inspection consists of the primary four components insurance carries weigh to rate a policy. Insurance companies refuse to insure homes that are in poor condition.

Therefore, our inspection will cover these four areas of your home:

  • Roof – Condition, type, estimated shelf life.
  • Plumbing – Visual and thorough inspections under shutoff valves, sinks, water heaters to check for leaks.
  • Electrical – Visual and thorough inspections for electrical panel box, the brand, types of breakers, and exposed wiring.
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) – Visual and thorough inspections for age and overall condition of the unit and secure connections around air handler.

Do I really need a Four-Point Inspection?

Insurance companies generally deny issuing any form of Homeowner’s Insurance Policies on older homes (typically 25 years or older). If you purchase a new home, want to renew an existing policy, or want to change your carrier, obtaining a Four-Point Inspection is required.

Insurance companies require this because they fear that your home could become a liability to them in the event that something fails. For example, your insurance company could be liable for damages if they’ve offered you a policy despite knowing your roof is severely damaged.

Will my Four-Point Inspection affect my rates standard forms?

If your home has any issues, we will notify you immediately after our inspection so you can make repairs. This is also beneficial to you to prevent any future surprises, such as a rusty water heater or a faulty HVAC system.

Since your rates will be determined by your carrier, our inspection form will include underwriting that will assess the risk of your home.

Can I fill out my own form?

No. Insurance companies only want certified state contractors to fill out these forms, such as a licensed electrician, roofing contractor, building contractor, or engineer.

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